Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dandelion Jelly & Syrup

Awe, Dandelion Jelly
 Its as easy as any jelly.
We started off by picking flower 
4 cups worth of dandelion flowers

we washed them until we thought they were clean enough
finished picking the longer stems off.
we chose to leave the green bottoms on
but if you want your jelly to be a brighter yellow without a little tint of green
take the green bottoms off. 
I really didn't want to spend that much time on making this jelly.

6 cups of water 

bring to a boil 
reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes
remove from heat and let sit until cooled

NOW for the fun part... Strain and Squeeze all the yummy goodness out of those little flowers

Next your going to put 3 cups of the juice back into the pot
(this is for the jelly.
 Syrup will be at the end)

O~Kay... this is what make Jelly so yum~a~lishous 
Now for the 'healthy" stuff..... 
*enter sarcasm here*

5 1/2 cups of sugar
1/4 teaspoon real vanilla
1/4 cup real Orange Juice (I used pulp free)
1 box of Pectin 

Now you let it boil until it passes your jelly test.
(cold plate, a little bit of you syrup 
back in icebox till cooled 
then wipe your finger through it if it looks like jelly then your done)

once its reached your likeness of consistency pour it into 
sterile jars and process in hot water bath for 15 mins
You have Dandelion Jelly.

Now for the Syrup,
add 6 cups of sugar
DON'T add the Pectin
boil for 10 mins
pour into your jars
and process just as you did with the jelly

Husband says,  "hm, that's interesting it tastes just like the flower smells"

(  big smiles from me  )

So get out there and make some Dandelion Jelly!!  

Until Next Time,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to Spring!

Nothing say's Welcome to Spring like a yard full of Dandelions.
So we decided to pick a bowl full of these lovely little weeds.
Susun Weed says,  "the gardener's best revenge is to eat the weeds."
So that is what we intend to do,
we will walk you through different ways to 
eat your weeds this Spring.

First off we started by picking these lovely flowers from our yard and our neighbors yard 
knowing that no herbicides have been used in these yards.

We washed them under cold water until we felt they were clean. 

Next, Al~Bug seasoned some flour with salt and pepper
Wiped up an egg... Dipped each flower into the egg then into the seasoned flower.

Then into the hot oil around 400 degrees 
until crispy and crunchy 
Watch closely or they will burn

Then ENJOY!!

You can enjoy them plain or dipped into you favorite dipping sauce.

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Canning Bacon

I woke up this morning with new found energy.... 
The other day I went shopping for food
 (something I haven't done since payday, oops)
NO ONE has starved, even if they tell you other wise!
Okay back to my new found energy.
I went shopping and I seen a 10 pound box of Bacon 
"irregular" pieces for $14.95. I just couldn't pass that up!
Today I decided I was going to try my hand in canning strips of bacon.  

Here it goes.... (holding my breath)

 Your also going to need WIDE mouth jars. 
The bacon I used actually had more meat less fat.

add a half a strip of parchment to keep it from sticking to itself.

fold in halfRoll it up tight!

each quart jar holds about 1.25 pounds of raw bacon.

The bacon was then pressure canned at 11 lbs of pressure for 90 mins and cooled ... This is the finished product ... I'm super excited to try this. So maybe I will pop the top and make some for breakfast.

*** Update Bacon fried up nicely... was a little interesting getting the bacon out of the jar with greasy fingers. :~)

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Wordless Wednesday

Until Next Time


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 Its December already!!
  Where in the world did this year go?

Somebody pointed out to me that I haven't blogged... I haven't so much as popped in to say hello or help!
SO here I am HELLO!!
         ..........     HELP!!!

Around here we are getting ready for Christmas? I think... Not really sure here lately.
 I feel like I've been going in about 500 different directions... NOW don't laugh because it always feels like I'm going 500 different directions. 

Okay, So in a few days I will upload some of the wonderful things we have worked on one of them being Pumpkin pickles and the Green Greenhouse! 
YES, I said GREEN!! Everything is Green this year and not Brown!

Until Next Time,


Monday, October 25, 2010

Our 'New' Classroom

This last week was a busy week .... 
I spent my time making an old bedroom into our 'New' classroom 
On Monday I wrote in my journal...
"This week I am going to turn Taylor's old bedroom into our new classroom, I should be finished with it by Wednesday"
Okay, Yes, My husband it right! ((See I said it!))
I do think that I have 48 hours in 24
and 14 days in a 7 day week.  (:~] 

On with my story.... 

Once upon a time,
There was a beautiful Queen
and she loved to go to large home improvement stores 
and purchase Cheap paint that others would return
then once she was finished there she would go to yard sales and
purchase large bolts of fabric for pennies.
So one day the Queen decided to make a classroom for her princes & princesses.
In hopes that it would keep them focused and be a little more organized. 

I started by emptying everything out of the room.
I then pulled out our paint cans... 
I thought the Purple and Green would be a great lively classroom colors.
Prince Tater Bug thought the yellow stripes would be a wonderful addition.
And to work we went....

Paint (2) gallon cans $5.oo each

Princess Turtle Run worked on curtains. 
She did a wonderful job working the sewing machine.

Fabric- Yard Sale.... $2.oo for 40 yards.

Then we found some shelves and 
used some of the extra paint on them as well.
I really had no hope for these shelves.
But I need something to put books on
and need to do it as cheap as possible.

Shelves.... Free with the purchase of the house

Turtle Run did a wonderful job on the curtains and the 
shelves turned out so much better then I expected.

Our Room is ready for Learning!

I have a couple things that I want to add to the room such as a storage box covered in padding and fabric to match the room..... But that will be a few weeks away.

Until Next Time,


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Fall is sad for me... Its the mark that summer is over.
                   and winter is going to be here before we are ready.

But we have for the last 2 years been celebrate the end of summer with a fall project.

               This year we decided to carve pumpkins ..............


Then once we finished our carvings we moved on to some of our apples. 

  this year we got a good harvest.... 
Daddy made some of this AWESOME carmel cream cheese dip! 

And then we moved onto some Carmel Apples...... 

and.... they were better then they look!

Until Next Time,